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Brainstorm (1983). Fletcher. Walken. Wood. Classic.

Like Trekkies and their communicators, this classic movie moved many of us to become brain geeks and freaks, believing we could and should achieve mind to machine, and mind to mind communication to uplift human understanding and capabilities. We’re getting there.

Infamous “look at the stars…” line requires five minutes of context viewing from (1:37:40). Worth it, IMHO. Note the scene is complete with suitcase modem from public phone booth. Hilarious. Try not to laugh too hard at BREAK.

For GoPro and G.Glass developers and product designers of all kinds, there the classic, “whatdoicare what it looks like?” (19:20).

And for everyone, “With a thing like that, you could finish the 7th grade in about five minutes” (37:30). “Then start it up, dad!”

How far the REAL Robot Revolution has come and how far it has to go. Both = Long, long way. We’re both “there” & “nowhere close” …

Yet, 2014’s view of the brain is akin to 1877’s view of Mars “canals.” What we think we see versus what’s there, remains to be fully seen.

People have learned more about the brain in past 5 yrs than prev 5,000 yrs. We’re in the Orville & Wilbur Wright era of neuroscience. Prepare for lift off.

E.T. @astro_alex’s extraterrestrial perspective

E.T. @astro_alex’s extraterrestrial perspective: Sun never sets on the #ISS when flying parallel w/terminator line.

The blind see? Quads walk? Digital telepathic brain to brain communication? Never happen. Just SciFi. LOL.