Temporary Human

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Be good temporary #cyborg #transhumans Exercise LearnLanguages EndPoverty HackSustainability @ramez

h/t @ieet 

"We’re all super humans until we run out of batteries." @caseorganic

But if we lived in a simulation, we’d see more blurring of Intangible and Tangible Media, right?

"No such thing as thought leaders.Serotonin is a thought leader" @ChrisDancy apopheniarchitect @ServiceSphere

If WE are already the cyborg #RobotOverlords How then, shall we reign? With 5 billion channels of @invisiblepeople TV? Really?

#ArchitectsOfMind #GlobalCognitionGrid #SubstrateIndependence #HackingSentience #ePluribusUnum (WorldScienceFestival)