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How far the REAL Robot Revolution has come and how far it has to go. Both = Long, long way. We’re both “there” & “nowhere close” …

Yet, 2014’s view of the brain is akin to 1877’s view of Mars “canals.” What we think we see versus what’s there, remains to be fully seen.

People have learned more about the brain in past 5 yrs than prev 5,000 yrs. We’re in the Orville & Wilbur Wright era of neuroscience. Prepare for lift off.

E.T. @astro_alex’s extraterrestrial perspective

E.T. @astro_alex’s extraterrestrial perspective: Sun never sets on the #ISS when flying parallel w/terminator line.

The blind see? Quads walk? Digital telepathic brain to brain communication? Never happen. Just SciFi. LOL.